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Rules / Rules
« on: February 17, 2012, 05:33:39 am »
    Rule #1: No advertising any other servers than Gangescapev1. You are allowed to have shortened links. This includes in your name, house and private messages, please click here to see a list of blacklisted domains.
    Rule #2: No disrespecting any member of Gangescapev1, this will result in a ban after you have been warned by a member or member of the staff team.
    Rule #3: This is an English speaking chatbox, and to make it easy for everyone we do not permit other languages. Once warned, you can be punished accordingly.
    Rule #4: No kind of trading or scamming, when a user advertises his trading or requests to trade something they will be warned, then banned.
    Rule #5: Avading a ban / punishment will result in multiplication of the previous ban / punishment.
    Rule #6: No discrimination based on beliefs or race, we respect the opinions of every member.
    Rule #7: No conversations about hacking/DDosing this will result in a punishment after being warned.
    Rule #8: If you wish to file a complaint about a member of the staff team, please report this to the Cheif of Staff (None) or the founder of Gangescapev1 (Own/Tyler The WebSite Maker). This can be done with a private message in the forums, the chatbox or posting a thread in the report abuse section here.
    Rule #9: No offensive language or any other kind of profanity, this will result in a ban.
    Rule #10: No asking for staff, if you are ready you will be informed by an administrator, Chief of Staff or the founder of Gangescapev1. If you want you can make an application here when the applications board is open.
    Rule #11: No using of caps or smiley spams. Flooding is also against rules and consists of 4 lines or more.
    Rule #12: You are not allowed to advertise first is kick then ban 1 hour if you come back it will be ban for ever
    Rule #13: Pornographic / crude links will result in a warning (kick) and after that a ban.
    Rule #14: Impersonating a member or member of the staff team is not permitted.
    Rule #15: We do not allow private message / chat advertisement. When a user advertises in your private chat, make a screenshot and send this to a moderator.
    Rule #16: Obey the staff and respect them.
    Rule #17: No racism or cursing this will result in a instant ban of two hours.

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